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  Talacauvery t he worshipping Goddess of Kodagu is Mother Cauvery and the birthplace of the River Cauvery, stood shrouded in mist even at midday. That combined with the reverence with which the clutch of pilgrims who had turned up went about the place gave it a very mystic atmosphere.Here emerges river Cauvery and gushes her way through Karnataka and Tamilnadu, sanctifying lakhs of hectares of land around her, ending her 760 km journey at Poompuhar in Tamilnadu to join Bay of Bengal.

The pooja is performed for the holy water in the holy 'Kundike". In Talacauvery stands the "Shiva Linga" installed by Sage Agasthaya. About 300 steps leads to the top of Brahmagiri Hill where the exquisite view of mother nature can be experienced.Kumkum, holy Threetha Prasadam etc. are available for the devotees here. Visitors are not allowed after 6. Night stopover is prohibited. There are quite a few buses plying from Madikeri - Bhagamandala- Talacauvery. The winding curves of the roads prompts one for cautious driving.

The Auspicious day 'Tula Sankrama' falls on October 17th every year, where the holy cauvery appears by a sudden upsurge of water in the 'Kundike' - the pond, while the pilgrims take a holy dip. There is no separate worshiping idol for Goddess Cauvery.

onecoorg , onecoorg logo, one coorg logo, logo, directory